Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life's A Bitch, and Then You Die

it's true you know.
life is a bitch. and then your life ends.
fuck your family, fuck your friends.
it doesn't matter what you say.
it doesn't matter what you do.
everyone has their own agenda.
everyone is too busy with their life.
"But what about Mother Theresa?"
fuck her. yeah i said it fuck her.
so she helped millions of people. big fucking deal.
what'd she get? Recognition in some big award thing.
BFD. It's not like she earned salvation from god or any shit.
She was awarded some shit and she might be turned into a saint. SO WHAT.
she's fucking dead and she won't see her own martyrdom.
Life is just a bunch of bullcrap that you go through, and then you're taken away from Earth.
It's like a trial version of some product that you have to pay the price for later on.
People are gonna cry when you die, but why?
That thought has really been running through my mind lately.
Maybe your family will mourn, and your few close friends, but so what.
It's just a body you take over, and then you're released from it by this so called "God,"
Who is supposed to offer guidance and answer prayers and all this other meaningless shit.
Honestly, i say "Oh My God" and "Goddamit," and some people would go "Don't say God's name in VAIN!
And i go fuck that. Have you ever SEEN GOD right in front of your fucking optic receptors?
NO. you've just seen pictures and paintings and stain glass windows of him.
Sure, some say he WAS real, but in reality you don't have fucking proof that he was real.
i'm too tired and depressed to keep going. fuck this, let's be manatees.