Saturday, October 31, 2009


you and i.
friends for ever.
but just that.
share the laughs, share the hugs.
but never a kiss, never a cuddle.
it was made clear tonight.
leaving early was the catalyst in this experiment of love, this adventure in romance.
we shared one long hug, and i thought that you were going to start crying.
i realized then.
you wouldn't.
i hugged you back, holding on as long as i could.
the way my head had fit into yours, we could have been nearly perfect.
but we can't.
that hug, that one last hug. it finally woke me up.
even though i don't dream about you anymore, or fantasize walking at night with you,
i know that in my heart, we're only meant to be friends.
mahal na mahal kita. 635.

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